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“I have had hundreds of ARAG insurance clients from UCSD over the last ten years. What is nice about the UC ARAG insurance plan is that it pays for 100% of the cost of the Estate Plan. This plan includes Trust, pour-over Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs, Advanced Health Care Directive, Personal Property Assignments, Quitclaim Deed and PCOR transferring your home into the Trust. For the UCSD clients, if they wish, I will have the initial appointment at their office at UCSD.”


Richard Cornell


There are many types of insurance that an individual may be purchasing. Whether it is health insurance, car insurance, life insurance or home owners insurance each gives the purchaser piece of mind that in the event of an unforeseeable incident they are covered. Many employers are adding to the list of essential insurances one that covers a person’s legal needs. This type of insurance may be a new concept to many but it has found its way into many large corporations and associations.

ARAG insurance is an example of insurance that meets the legal needs of its clients. ARAG insurance is a global provider of legal solutions. ARAG offers solutions to help an individual take control of their legal and financial issues through the benefits their employer provides. Like other benefits, employees enroll through their employer or association. This allows them access to a catalog of attorneys nationwide (this includes Richard Cornell), and legal resources to help them with all their legal needs. It is like having a personal attorney ready to work just for you without the costly legal fees.

If your company offers ARAG insurance you have the benefit of having legal services that you many need. As well as the piece of mind in knowing that there is help for every season in your life. Whether you are just starting out and purchasing a home or wanting to expand your family through adoption there are available ARAG services. You can find help for debt solutions as well as the very important issues involved with Estate Planning which need to be handled with care. Whatever the legal need these issues can be complicated and overwhelming but with the help of an attorney you can navigate them successfully.


Hyatt legal plans are often offered to employees as part of their benefits package. Voluntary legal plans are typically paid for by the employee through payroll deductions. Once enrolled, employees have access to an attorney, as if on retainer, through Hyatt’s nationwide network of pre-qualified attorneys. Richard Cornell accepts Hyatt Legal Plans which typically cover about 50% of usual costs.