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Special Needs Planning

Setting Up A Special Needs Trust Might Be Crucial For Your Loved One

Have you been told that your son or daughter, who has a disability, is not allowed to inherit money? It’s true, an inheritance will interrupt his or her SSI and Medicaid. Therefore, someone who is disabled cannot inherit more than $2,000 because it will interrupt his or her government benefits.

There is an easy way around this problem. You can leave money for your son or daughter, without interfering with the public benefits by creating a Special Needs Trust.

A Special Needs Trust is a unique type of trust designed to hold property titles for the benefit of a child or adult with a disability, without affecting their eligibility for public benefits. This trust is instrumental in addressing the needs of an individual with a disability by supplementing benefits obtained from governmental assistance programs like SSI and Medi-Cal. It allows the trust to manage various assets, including cash, real property, and personal property, and can serve as the beneficiary for life insurance policies.

If you set up a Special Needs Trust, the trustee can buy many of the things your son or daughter will need.

The trust can pay for an advocate to make sure your loved one gets the services he or she needs when you aren’t there to help out. The trust can pay for vacations, social events, and sporting goods.

If Medicaid won’t pay for certain medical care or treatments, the trust can step in and provide those. Occasionally, people with mental disabilities are targeted by the police and wrongly accused of crimes; if your son or daughter has a special needs trust, the trust can pay for a good legal defense.

The trust can buy a house for your child to live in, or it can pay for an advocate to insist that your loved one be granted services by the government, as required by law.

For people who are not especially wealthy, a special needs trust is still a good idea. It can be funded with a life insurance policy.

Key Points About Special Needs Planning

1. Assessment Of Needs:

Ensuring the plan encompasses all aspects of the individual’s life involves identifying their medical, educational, and daily living needs.

2. Legal Documentation

Preparing wills, trusts, and power of attorney provides a legal framework for the plan.

3. Financial Planning

Creating a plan for long-term care and support ensures the availability of essential resources for the individual’s future.

4. Government Benefits Navigation

Understanding and applying for relevant programs maintains eligibility for essential state and federal benefits.

How We Help

In California, Special Needs Planning plays a crucial role, given the state’s specific legal intricacies. Recognizing the distinct challenges encountered by families with special needs members, California has established a supportive framework aimed at inclusion and protection. We can help by:


Setting up a special needs trust

Navigating government benefits such as Medicaid and Social Security

Establishing guardianships or conservatorships when needed


Familiarity with this framework is essential for California families, ensuring their loved ones receive necessary care and resources without compromising eligibility for vital state and federal benefits.


Richard Cornell's main focus is in Special Needs Planning and excels at helping you through the entire process.

Legal Protection

Hiring a skilled lawyer can ensure the rules and guidelines set by the law are followed to avoid costly mistakes.


Special Needs Planning is a complex process, which is why Richard Cornell's meticulous attention to detail is crucial in a lawyer.

Special Needs Planning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Special Needs Planning

What Is Special Needs Planning And Why Is It Important In California?

financial well-being of individuals with disabilities. Its significance is heightened in California due to the presence of specific state laws and resources tailored for individuals with special needs. This form of planning is instrumental in preserving eligibility for government benefits while offering a structured framework for the management of both personal and financial care.

How Does A Special Needs Trust Work In California?

In California, a Special Needs Trust serves as a legal instrument designed to hold assets for the well-being of an individual with disabilities, without impacting their eligibility for public assistance programs such as Medicaid. Oversight of the trust is assigned to a trustee, responsible for allocating funds to address the beneficiary’s additional needs beyond what government benefits offer.

What Are The Key Steps In Creating A Special Needs Plan In California?

Essential steps in the process involve evaluating the individual’s specific requirements, creating legal documents such as wills and trusts, formulating a financial strategy, gaining insights into pertinent government benefits, and consistently revisiting the plan to incorporate any alterations in laws or personal circumstances.

Can Special Needs Planning Affect Government Benefit Eligibility In California?

Yes, effective Special Needs Planning is essential to safeguard an individual’s eligibility for government benefits. Without proper planning, receiving an inheritance or a lump sum of money may lead to disqualification from these benefits. Special needs trusts and other legal mechanisms are employed to prevent such disqualification.

Why Is It Important To Work With A Knowledgeable Attorney For Special Needs Planning In California?

Working with an experienced attorney is crucial as they possess a profound understanding of California’s intricate legal system, particularly in relation to special needs laws and regulations. Their expertise allows them to offer personalized guidance, ensure adherence to legal requirements, and assist families in navigating the process effectively, ultimately securing the best possible outcome for their loved ones.

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